Web Design And Development


Web Design and Development

Get your custom-built, intuitive and scalable website for your business needs to deliver tangible business results. 

BipLop’s team of design engineers helps to turn your brand into a visual story. With customer-centric web development solutions, BigLop is a leading Web Design And Development service provider in Mississauga Canada that caters to startups, small businesses, and enterprises.

Due to current changes and ever-evolving consumer buying patterns, the majority of customers visit the company’s or service provider’s website before making a purchase. A website gives the first impression of the company based on which the consumer makes the decision, and that is why the experience, appearance, and accessibility of the website are more important than ever.

Why should you choose BigLop

Digital Rebranding and Design:  
Add a unique flavor to your online presence with our visually appealing web designs which give an intuitive user experience, fresh look, and scalable solution.

Intuitive User Interface
While keeping the user’s convenience in mind, the website is designed with seamless navigation and intuitive UI/UX

Improved SEO Ratings
The codes we create deliver the best performance and allow your website to rank higher on search engines. 

Conversion Rate Optimization
Through our customer-centric approach, enticing visuals, and design, we develop a website to maximize the website visitors who take actions that lead to them becoming customers.

Agile Web Design and Development
In contrast to the traditional approach, with our agile process, most of the web design and development are simultaneous. The stakeholders are kept on board throughout the development process in our unique collaborative approach.

24/7 Support
Our team of support staff is there to serve you and respond to your queries at any time of the day, and any day of the week. 

Our Web Design and Development Process

We have incorporated a distinct agile development methodology and collaborative approach which keeps the stakeholders on board throughout the process.

Our distinct collaborative approach keeps the client first, and the development process starts with discovery sessions where we will try to understand what you need from your new website. We will review your current website, and your competitor’s site to understand your market niche.

Here our design team will build the site maps which give the layouts of different pages of your site and establish a navigational structure. We will develop wireframes which will be shared with you for review.

Our team of developers in Mississauga Canada will bring the design to life by developing templates, adding content, and integrating with CMS. Mockups will be shared with you that will give an idea that how these pages will look on the browser. Rigorous quality assurance will be a part of the ongoing process.

Once the designs will be approved by you, Biglop will provide you a demo link to access. After addressing your feedback the site will go live.