Hire Virtual Staff


Biglop has years of experience in providing the best assistance for many types of tasks as HIRE VIRTUAL STAFF services in Mississauga Canada. Our experts can complete a task you assign with excellence and efficient manners. Our dedicated services and efficient work experience can not only increase your sales but also help you expand the business. Biglop would love to serve and help you efficiently with any tasks that can be done remotely.

Biglop Virtual Staffing Services

There’s a large list of services you can outsource to Biglop. It’s a tough task to list down here, so we’re just going to mention some most common Virtual Staff Services work by Biglop.

Administrative Work
Personal Tasks
Content Creation
Managing Finances
Social Media Management
Simple digital marketing tasks
Customer Service
Email Management
Digital marketing tasks
Scheduling appointments
Event management
Preparing reports

Now we are going to briefly explain some points for a better understanding

Outsource Biglop For Administrative Work

You can avail of the Biglop expert first-class services for Administrative tasks, who can take over all the business duties that a typical administrative assistant does as some follow

•    Daily basis diary management
•    Scheduling appointments and meetings
•    Answer Phone Calls
•    Data Entry when need
•    Organizing to-do list
•    Organizing calendar
Basically, Anything that an administrative assistant can do.

Managing Finances

Biglop experts can maintain budgets, make purchases, and keep track of your company or organization's expenses to make your finances as transparent as possible.

Social Media Management

If you are worried about when you don’t have the bandwidth to handle social media accounts so, why are you thinking more and more, Biglop is the best solution for you. Biglop offers many services for social media management
•    Creating content to share on your social media accounts or pages
•    Posts Scheduling
•    Engaging with followers
•    Analyzing reports and statistics

Content Writing

Biglop content writers can develop engaging quality content and capture the attention of the audience. Our content writer experts have years of experience. And they can optimize the content with the best keywords to generate better results.

Email Management

If you open your email inbox and see an army of unopened emails, responding to all those emails can be a tough task for you. Don’t worry and outsource this task to the Biglop and feel tension-free and relaxed.

Biglop experts can:

•    They sift through all mail to weed out any spam that’s crept in
•    Answer the job inquiries, general questions, and follow-ups
•    Filter and organize email inbox
•    Manage email lists and Carry out email marketing campaigns

Outsource Biglop for Personal Tasks

Also, you can always hire Biglop to Hire Virtual Staff to help out with tasks in your personal life as well. Here are a few examples:

•    Organizing your to-do list or calendar
•    Booking any travel arrangements for weekend tours or vacations.
•    Helping you make purchases books, stationery, gifts, clothes, and perhaps even hardware.

As a lot of these types of tasks don’t need to be done by someone in person, they can easily be outsourced to Biglop instead.

Biglop's Mission Is To Help You Save Money And Time

We started this company many years ago with a mission in mind - to give people the best people to take care of your business or organization. By hiring Virtual Staff services from Biglop in Mississauga Canada you can overcome your cost as

•    Saving Salary Cost
•    Saving Training Costs
•    Saves Time

Being a business owner myself I know how hard it is to find the right people with the right attitude at the best and most affordable cost. Biglop put in a great effort and gathered such a team. Our experts have been helping businessmen & executives with great success so far.