Custom Application Development


Biglop is a full-stack, multidisciplinary Custom Application Development company in Canada. For many years, our expert developers have been creating impactful custom-built applications for the world’s leading companies across industries.

Biglop relies on our profound expertise, technical skills, streamlined processes, and technological vision to provide end-to-end custom application development and turn technological and perfect solutions into growth enablers. We are technologically professionals and take full responsibility for the custom business application development, fully supporting you from early ideation and complete solution discovery through quality control and ongoing delivery of the latest features with high quality.

Biglop Custom Application Development Services

BIglop builds transparent, client-focused, and streamlined end-to-end processes for custom application development that easily allow us to deliver predictable, measurable, and best results in a defined timeframe. By applying modern approaches to a Custom Application Development model, we help your businesses achieve productivity and minimize the chance of budget overruns and scope creep.

As a leading Custom Application Development Company that has been known as the number1 IT services employer in Canada, Biglop provides custom application developers, architects, managers, DevOps engineers, and designers who are fully experts in their fields and completely engaged in the development process. Biglop experts can help you transform bright ideas into tangible business outcomes by applying our strong technical background, years in custom application development services, and expertise across various industries.
Some of the main services for Custom Application Development in Mississauga Canada by Biglop are as follows

•    Web Software Development
•    Mobile Software Development
•    Quality Assurance and Software Testing
•    Legacy System Modernization
•    Custom UI/UX Design

Some explanation about these services:

Web Software Development

Build intuitive applications for web systems to offer your employees and customers an excellent product experience.

Mobile Software Development

Reach customers in the maximum natural manner through mobile devices by developing and designing superb and functional applications.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Must ensure your software is completely protected from hacking and bugs so security and productivity issues don’t disturb you repeatedly.

Legacy System Modernization

You should move from outdated monolithic platforms to the latest, flexible, and reliable microservices architecture without losing any precious data.

Custom UI/UX Design

Biglop will be on the same page as users by researching their needs and designing user-friendly applications and other products to solve their everyday struggles.

Biglop Custom Software Development Process

Biglop custom software development process is involved 4 steps

•    Ideation
•    Development
•    Deployment
•    Maintenance

Ideation: Biglop solution discovery experts analyze your needs and requirements and estimate the scope of work and timelines. Our experts set up a supervised and cross-functional team involving designers to conduct profound market and user research to align your best solution with customers’ real needs.

Development: Biglop experts and engineers efficiently handle every stage of development within the scope required, from architecture development to UI/UX design, transforming your application vision into a custom solution. The whole stages of Custom Software Development involve thorough testing and quality control.

Deployment:   When the application is finally released, Biglop takes care of the performance and productivity of custom application development solutions. We establish continuous server monitoring, allocate experts to fix bugs, and provide general support services.

Maintenance:   When a company needs to frequently enhance solutions, Biglop can scale down your existing software development experts to a support unit to meet your needs on time. Biglop focuses on delivering the latest updates and responding to user and market feedback.

Some Benefits by Hiring Biglop For Custom Application Development

Here we point out some points of Biglop Custom Application Development services which you can gain by hiring Biglop for your project

•    Focus on the customer experience
•    Accelerated time to market
•    Efficient and transparent development
•    Modularity and reliability

Focus on The Customer Experience:   As a custom application development company, we keep the focus on our clients and their users. You’ll receive a personalized technique on your business demanding situations and construct a strong connection with your clients through the digital reports we help you in design, development, and launch.

Accelerated Time to Market:   Build a prototype rapidly to test your product’s efficiency and usability while Biglop provides all necessary support throughout engineering, change management, deployment, and maintenance.

Efficient and Transparent Development:   Biglop experts reduce the time for custom application development by optimizing processes and applying practices with faster, and trackable sprints more productive.

Modularity and Reliability:   Biglop provides the ability to add or modify application features at the individual service component level. We help you establish reliable and scalable DevOps infrastructure and migrate legacy solutions to microservices architecture.

Move Your Business Forward at Best Cost By Biglop

Because systems and operations are becoming more complex day by day, customization is becoming extra the norm than the exception.

By teaming with a Custom Application Development services provider company in Mississauga Canada like Biglop, you can conduct a thorough assessment to find your software desires and build and deploy applications tailored to your specific requirements – ensuing in improved efficiency, as well as savings when it comes to time, cost, and effort.

Biglop provides cost-effective services for custom application development. You can avail of first-class custom development services by our experts at the best and most affordable prices. So why are you thinking more and more, just contact Biglop experts and build your dreams and move your business towards digitalization.