Call Center Services


Call Center Services
Diversify your team, save time, grow your business and let BigLop handle the rest.

Our team of experienced Customer Engagement Associates, Technical Support Representatives, Virtual Receptionists, and all other Call Center Services experts is always there to provide your customers with real answers in real-time, 24/7,365 in Mississauga Canada.

We strive to deliver a personalized experience to your customers, reduce your overhead cost and free up your time. We’re available round the clock so you don’t have to be.

Services offered by BipLop to empower your business

Inbound Calls
24/7 support, personalized greetings, customized escalation matrix, lead generation, and upselling. We handle it all so that we can make the most out of each call.

Live Chat
Accessible live chat with an agent, 24/7 availability, appointment confirmation, and order tracking. 

Outbound Calls
Appointment reminders, follow-ups, and callbacks. We take care of it all. 

Call Overflow
Let us handle the calls you are too busy to answer.

Virtual Assistants
An assistant who takes care of your admin work, responds to emails, answer phone calls, and never calls in sick!

Technical Support
We cater to your distressed customers by providing you with a qualified Tech Support Rep, support knowledgebase manuals, ticketing, and a tracking system.

Call Transcription
We summarize the call and forward the details to you after.

Why choose BigLop
Industry Experience
We are providing flexible, and engaging customer service experience for years which is customized to the needs of our clients.

Save Cost
Why hire a full-time agent or receptionist which can cost upwards of $40k/year, whereas with BigLop you only pay for the time you need.

Talk to Humans, Not AI Bots
Robo-Support Agents and AI chat sound convenient and cost-effective at first, but they cost you your business as it quickly turns away the leads. BipLop provides 100% real humans, in an almost similar cost structure.

You do not need 5 receptionists working full-time for you when you start your business. As you grow, we scale your employees as per your requirements.

BigLop is not a typical company in Mississauga Canada, as we provide customized and flexible solutions based on your industry or sector.
Law Firms
Marketing Agencies
Small Businesses
Medical Practitioners
IT Companies
Construction Companies