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Mobile Application Development

As a leading Mobile Application Development company for enterprise level entities, Biglop has extensive expertise and experience creating high performing and digitally transformative mobile application experiences. We develop mobile applications that are built with a perfect set of features that may custom-tailor to fit your brand or company. These scalable and flexible applications can help you run your business more efficiently.

Hire Virtual Staff

Biglop has years of experience in providing the best assistance for many types of tasks as HIRE VIRTUAL STAFF services. Our experts can complete a task you assign with excellence and efficient manners. Our dedicated services and efficient work experience can not only increase your sales but also help you expand the business. Biglop would love to serve and help you efficiently with any tasks that can be done remotely.

Custom Application Development

Biglop is a full-stack, multidisciplinary Custom Application Development company in Canada. For many years, our expert developers have been creating impactful custom-built applications for the world’s leading companies across industries. Biglop relies on our profound expertise, technical skills, streamlined processes, and technological vision to provide end-to-end custom application development and turn technological and perfect solutions into growth enablers.

Call Center Services

Diversify your team, save time, grow your business and let BigLop handle the rest. Our team of experienced Customer Engagement Associates, Technical Support Representatives and Virtual Receptionists are always there to provide your customers with real answers in real time, 24/7,365. We strive to deliver personalized experience to your customers, reduce your overhead cost and free up your time. We’re available round the clock so you don’t have to be.

Web Design And Development

Get your custom-built, intuitive and scalable website for your business needs to deliver tangible business results. BipLop’s team of design engineers help to turn your brand into a visual story. With customer-centric web development solutions, BigLop is a leading web design and development service provider that caters to startups, small business and enterprises.


Every move and job is very important to us and we always take the utmost care to provide an exceptional service.


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